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The prisoners were disease school in bulletin boar

Thatdisease is disease ,big guy lying on the stretcher on court one after another ,more and more patients with etiology but do not check out eat Jin did not have tried to use the stretcher God ,this is what disease detainees queer walking weakness ,all over boring ,spirit is dispirited .
.. ... Since the Gaochun detention center moved into the new site soon,christian louboutin pas cher, inspect interior prisoners have continued to appear strange disease .The most serious ,year only 20 yearsstrong boy ,soon lying on the stretcher ;but the trouble is ,the doctor multi-party inspection ,was unable to identify the cause .
House of detention ,prisoners ,weak ... ... These sensitive word soon attracted the attention of - what the hell is going on ? We inspect room have a prisoner in this several day spirit is not good ,all over boring !One day in 2007 ,the Gaochun County Detention Center in a monitoring room unattended police in the inspection, found Wei bright mood is not very good ,asked ,he said even eat the Jin did not have .
After the police feel very strange ,then went up and touched his forehead ,and for the measurement of body temperature . Temperature is normal ,no stomach ,no abnormal weather ,how will feel good all over boring ?After the police let Wei Liang stand up and down .
Wei Liang reluctantly stood up ,but did not walk a few steps ,a reel ,but after police help quickly, he nearly fell to the ground .Detention personnel has been the focus of the society ,Louboutin Pas Cher,there is a moment when there will be problems .
Look at the situation ,after police immediately to the leadership report .The doctor soon came to inspect room ,Wei Liang conducted a comprehensive inspection .But the inspection and found no obvious abnormalities .
Physicians to consider Wei Liang relatively thin, concerned about possible with fatigue ,suggest to the rest ,then observed .The doctor has cannot read queer an unnamed police told reporters ,the house of detention from time to time a sudden illness situation ,many of them are prisoners find excuse .
If not function ,usually to restore health .However, the Wei Liang and different . Two consecutive days of cachexia ,walking posture is definitely not to hold it out .On the police continue to observe Wei Liang, another prison indoor prisoners Huang Gang also appeared problem -- the problem of weakness of the limbs, dizziness ,is extremely similar to the situation with Wei Liang .
In two human pathologies thoroughly examined ,the contact of the resident a better medical care hospital ,arrange two people to .But an examination ,the doctor or reluctantly told police supervision ,according to preliminary examination ,unable to determine the exact cause of two people ,unless the bone marrow aspiration .
However, in many rural people bone marrow aspiration is a topic ,when the leadership will the doctor to families of two people ,was the family refused to .In this way ,check can not be carried out .
And in the supervision of police feel headache when ,with Wei Liang a similar situation ,but began to appear one after another . Queer one after another is like an infectious disease ,the disease quickly spread inside the prison !According to a police ,a few months time ,the detention center has appeared in six or seven cases with Wei Liang exactly as patients ,there are four or five cases of serious .
Among them, one was only 20 year old man,was physically strong ,but in the weakness of symptoms after ,soon collapsed in the house of detention ,go to court when, we are on a stretcher in the past !Do not have a fever ,vomiting ,diarrhoea ,the only symptom is weakness of the limbs, all over boring .
As the prison within such symptoms increase of personnel ,time ,tension over the house of detention .While the ,time is also a public opinions are divergent .Room and board are not windows reinvented the strange ,etiology unknown hypothesized 1 designdecoration problems ?One of the most common parlance ,is the existence of pollution .
It is reported ,the Gaochun detention center was originally in the old city ,because the area is limited ,outdated facilities ,the competent department concerned, in 2004, the new guard the area builds in the round .
After a renovation, the old guard the prisoners all moved to the new house of detention . In the old house of detention time has never been this strange disease ,move in only a few years will appear this kind of strange disease ,probably to house design, decoration related !Some local people on the design put forward doubt :towards a possible problems ,decoration materials .
.. ... The leader can despise .According to the Gaochun County Public Security Bureau concerns personage introduction ,after the incident ,they also have doubted this aspect, so the special V built the all design drawings and construction materials ,building and invited experts to conduct demonstration .
But the results show that ,the masses for the design and renovation of suspicion is untenable .In this case ,the leading suspect there may be a window ventilation problems caused by .Then ,specially invited the construction team, will be the original windows transformation, all for windows .
But a transformation, and did not let the disease disappeared ,in contrast ,during this period ,disease patients still appears from time to time .Speculate 2vegetables haveproblems ? In addition to the court or accept the need of the investigation, most of the time is spent in jail detainees .
Food and lodging in the inside, since live do not have what problem ,will not be eating problems ?The design and decoration problems were excluded after ,you soon will suspect to prisoners eat the meal .
It is reported ,in the old house of detention ,because of the limited conditions ,prisoners eat meals are from outside the market procurement ;and moved to the new house of detention ,because conditions have improved a lot ,a lot of places ,in order to save costs ,detention house clearing off vegetable ,apart from the market to buy rice all the vegetables ,the rest is self ,Shi is organic fertilizer ,water is water ,pesticide never ,absolutely pure natural green vegetables !Ordinarily ,so how can this disease with vegetable matter ?Moreover ,Louboutin,the lockup being in custody personnel and regulation of police ,eat meals are as like as two peas .
Even if the relevant ,the police would not how this disease ?Then ,the suspect will soon be denied .Speculate 3withFeng Shui ?The most ridiculous one idea ,is the local people said Feng shui .
According to patients say, new detention area ,many years ago was a cemetery .In families of patients with it ,in this mysterious land to build the house of detention ,affirmed the existence of Feng Shui problems, against ghosts ,can not disease ?Therefore ,these families want the can through certain rituals ,please leave those spirits ,the requirement of course by the police refused .
However ,said that the families of patients and did not give up work ,they quietly in the nearby ghost money prayer .But such a pious ,still do not block the disease attack speed .Turn to Anhui for help had similar disease and trace elements in the absence of relevant can think way think, but the disease did not disappear .
In desperation ,the Gaochun lockup quickly to the superior public security organs and regulatory reporting .Rare disease rapidly caused by superior departments ,supervision departments at all levels of the doctor went to Gaochun survey .
At the same time ,Gaochun jail police in public security net to the peer sends begging letter ,hope to be accompanied by guidance .But the research and assistance did not quickly .Until early 2008 ,a Anhui detention center wrote a survey article, making Gaochun the police as the finding of the -- the original ,the caretaker has also previously had a similar disease .
One after another appears in prisoners suffering from disease ,after the experts try to find confirmation of these patients ,the disease, should be with Green syndrome ,this is a neurological disorder ,with lack of some trace element ,poor resistance related .
On this basis ,the local lockup for prisoners adjusting diet structure ,increased intake of vitamins ,disease soon disappear .Countermeasures to increase the tomato and cucumber egg after two or three months have effect with have a try of the idea ,Gaochun detention house for higher-level departments in charge of the opinion, soon developed against a disease treatment plan :first ,to prisoners added vitamins ,improve the immunity of prisoners ;second ,adjusting diet structure, in the original since the collection of Chinese cabbage ,cabbage and other vegetables varieties based on the market ,from purchase of tomatoes ,cucumber ,towel gourd and other vegetables ;third ,in the original on the basis of poultry meat ,egg and meat a week increased the food supply .
This attempt, after two or three months have effect .The original severe Wei bright ,Huang Gang et al slowly out of the strange sickness ,physical strength gradually recovered ,spirit has changed the face of .
To 2008 March,suffer from this disease prisoners ,almost completely restored to health .From then to now ,the Gaochun lockup period no longer appeared similar disease case . This process cannot be struck with fright ,but can not find the reason, is indeed sit on pins and needles !Gaochun County Public Security Bureau relevant responsible person said ,although the disease problem has been solved ,but they did not feel relaxed , writing a research and summary report ,the case of share to peers ,to avoid later appears similar to the disease .
Inquiry of Green Barry syndrome ? Disease to be confirmed on the Gaochun detention center has passed ,but in fact ,the disease is what disease ,etiology in where, is still a mystery .
For this, the reporter interviewed Nanjing hospital medical experts ,please experts on this disease were analyzed . Green Barre syndrome symptoms with the strange disease like ,but its pathogenesis is not due to the nutritional intake of trace elements or insufficiency .
Nanjing First Hospital Department of Neurology experts told reporters ,the disease is mostly caused by viral infection, is generally the virus invades the nervous tissue ,resulting in patients with nerve root pain ( to the waist and shoulder ,neck ,and extremity for more ) ,acute progressive symmetrical limb paralysis, subjective sensory disturbance ,diminished or absent tendon reflexes and so on .
The expert expresses ,such strange disease during treatment, can enhance immune function ,improve the body resistance to disease manner .In addition ,a minority of patients also has its own recovery precedent .
The expert expresses ,coach,journalists from reporting Gaochun detention personnel disease symptoms and treatment options ,there may be a Green Barry syndrome ,police take three scheme ,are from a dietary perspective improve patients with disease-resistant ability ,enhances the patient immune ability ,and finally drove away the strange disease .
But experts said ,coach outlet,with the condition with similar symptoms ,and low potassium ,improve diet, supplement potassium and other trace elements ,can relieve symptoms .Therefore ,experts say ,the disease still need further study ,only diagnosed ,was able to later similar disease plays a guiding and reference .
Express reporter Tian Xueting the school bulletin has no punishment bulletin, paste is a star student information the camera / reporter Wang Yongbo no very high school ( South Campus) in bulletin board exposure students violating discipline ,fall in love for the school students were also show relevant responsible person in an interview yesterday that the practices defective ,and claims to have stop the endless Education Bureau relevant responsible person said ,will contact the school asked schools to improve management methods this paper / reporter Ren Li Wuji County electrodeless high school ( South Campus) from the beginning of September many times to some students violating discipline photographs together with the name ,class and other information posted on the school bulletin board for school teachers and students view .
Among them, also includes some of the students fall in love .This is causing a student dissatisfaction .Reporter noted ,the matter has been in the Gaocheng post bar causes a netizen attention .
Yesterday, the relevant responsible person admitted to the practice of inappropriate ,and says it has stopped .School students exposure love photos recently, electrodeless high school ( South Campus) a student told reporters Baoliao ,the school from the beginning of September to take a make them very dissatisfied with the way of punishment .
The school publicity column informed students violating discipline ,published in his name ,class ,in violation of the regulations, and other information ,will also posted pictures of students .
When interviewed ,many students confirmed to reporters that the school did take this approach .A Gao Sannan student ,school exposure violations is cheating ,fight serious behavior . Even a serious violation of discipline, also should not post the photos ,we also have self-esteem .
The boy said ,school exposure although only one inch in size, it is all known ,let be exposed photo student ashamed ,utterly devastating .Several students ,let them more difficult to accept that ,the school also exposure is suspected of having love affairs of photos .
The two students is how much damage .The school is a girls think ,such practice is not in the education to guide students ,but students in shame .In the school ,the reporter found a exposure photo boy, the boy refused to disclose his because of what reason is the school informed ,only said they are now walking in the school feel there are countless pairs of eyes watching yourself, numerous mouth at laugh at yourself .
Learning are also affected ,every great pressure .The school admits approach inappropriate yesterday, electrodeless high school ( South Campus) in charge of the work of the school president Liu admitted that the school had taken such a punishment ,the time from the beginning of September 15th .
The exposure of several times, President Liu said the exact number is not clear .President Liu said ,this method is a few grade director to try out method ,after the school agree ,the purpose of education ,warning the students ,for all students .
Exposure mainly is some serious violation behavior ,such as climbing out online ,fighting behavior .The effect how ,he says and several other measures carried out together with ,have some warning .
The reporter asked why exposure suspected of having love behavior of students in the picture? President Liu interrupt the reporter says, it is not doubt ,there is conclusive evidence ,both hold together ,and said that the student is incorrigible .
President Liu said ,several grade director is newly promoted ,wanted to do something out, some practices are inadequate consideration ,some inappropriate .He tells a reporter ,have school students to reflect this ,coach bags outlet,they have stopped this practice ,later management students to education .
Yesterday, no education bureau relevant responsible person said ,without extremely high school ( South Campus) to adopt such methods to teach students is not very appropriate ,he will contact the school requires school improvement management method .
Lawyer saying suspected violation of students right of reputation Hebei times war law firm Guo Yanwei lawyers said ,the school informed violation students ,love students ,photos ,posted on the school together with the names of classes is not appropriate, serious also suspected of infringing the right of reputation ,the right of privacy of students .
He thinks ,school tort way management in adolescent students will run counter to one .The school should take serious attitude critical mistakes by students, positive and healthy way to instruct students to love .
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The village was struck by lightning for two days

Li Wen treated in hospital .This reporter Zhang Haiqiang video Xingtai men were struck by lightning for two days after brain ,heart ,lung and other organ damage is serious,Hermes Outlet, the doctor said to survive is a miracle of Xie Xinming of our newspaper reporter Xingtai rural 49 year old manin a wheat field to pick up the wheat was suddenly lightning ,head ,chest and abdomen and leg part skin was almost burnt ,man on the spot fell unconscious and was rushed to hospital .
After Heping Hospital Department of burns and plastic surgery of the miraculous rescue ,man is out of danger .Crop up wheat lightning yesterday morning ,in burns and plastic surgery of Heping Hospital two ward ,was struck by lightning in the patients with Li Wen (a pseudonym ) lying in bed ,medical personnel with equipment is carefully to him .
Li Wen has a clear consciousness ,he introduced ,at noon on June 22nd is cloudy, from time to time fall a few raindrops .Li Wen shut the door ,you hold the key to the field to gather the wheat .
He was standing all alone in an empty cornfield, sudden lightning rush over ,coach outlet,Li Wen guard was struck by lightning .Rescue two days awake on the same day, Li Wen Li Wu (a pseudonym ) see brother noon did not go home for dinner went to the field to find his brother ,found lying on the ground he was injured ,he hastened back to a nearby hospital .
Then rushed to the county hospital ,but the hospital condition is limited ,and rushed to the treatment of burns and plastic surgery of Heping Hospital .Department of burns and plastic surgery of vice director Li Xiaodong introduces ,the patients were sent in ,a diagnosis of lightning injuries ,chest and abdomen ,left thigh electrical burn area 6% ,the key is in patients with brain ,heart ,lung and other organ damage ,dysfunction ,a precarious life .
Medical staff are known by millions of volts ,lightning strikes ,human fragile blood vessels ,nerve system was severely damaged ,the odds are very slim .The doctor doctor twenty or thirty years have never seen to survive .
The medical staff to patients not only the level of care,coach, but also please anesthesia specialists use tracheal intubation ,assisted mechanical ventilator .Also always check the heart ,electric ,pulse ,blood routine examination and so on acute .
June 26th afternoon ,the patient was finally completely regained consciousness ,Hermes Bags Outlet,consciousness gradually clear .The patients have been out of danger, a doctor said :it was a miracle .The associated press Baixiang lightning induced died of expert ideas how to lightning newspaper news ( reporter Ding Baojun Liang Chunwang correspondent Shi Hairui ) on June 22nd, Xingtai City, along with another lightning event occurred in Baixiang County ,two villagers were struck by lightning ,coach bags outlet,a dead and one injured .
The relevant departments to remind ,the thunderstorm season has arrived ,the thunderstorm weather will occur frequently ,and urban and rural residents must be good lightning protection ,lightning protection .
In June 22nd 12 when begin,Hermes Birkin Bags,Baixiang County occurrence thundershower weather ,about twelve thirty ,Baixiang Longhua County Rural Village of God two villagers in the village path arrangement of wheat straw when struck by lightning ,a man was died ,one seriously .
At present, positive lightning multiple seasons ,Xingtai Center for lightning reminds broad masses to master lightning hedging knowledge ,adopt scientific and effective lightning protection measures :hedging in thunderstorm weather in outdoor, should hide quickly into a lightning protection facilities protection buildings .
Not in the tree, or in isolated Pavilion ,but to avoid the thunderstorm .Do not stand on top of the roof ,or open space .If you can suitable shelter ,should find a low-lying place ,as far as possible to reduce the weight and reduce the body and the ground contact area ,can squat ,feet together, hand knee ,body bent forward, temporary shelter ,don .
In open space ,do not use a metal tip .Over a hundred years, but also with Shenyang the oldest female longevity is Yu Changqing old person of 107 years old ,she became a housewife ,now also love to do the housework .
Match 8 women ,a reporter went to her house to visit ,elderly still wash clothes ,clean up articles . Grandma good state of mind ,the life has the law ,never took some pills ,only two cold ,do not look so old ,a little people drag .
Her 58 year old grandson Qin Dawei said this is the family blessing .Wash your clothes can also act as a go-between old room clean, she is doing the suitcase . Hear the reporter to come ,she must find the dress .
Usually ,washing ,washing ,regularly take a shower ,change clothes ,are elderly people to do their own ,others to help her do her back he robbed .The old man the most surprising skill is able to act as a go-between ,over the years she has developed her mending habit ,never let them see .
When a reporter ,she is sewing up sewing . ,old, hand shaking .Puncture mended the old hands trembling ,Hermes Handbags,she also feel feel shy . Grandma without a lifetime ,but a lifetime than ,a family of four generations living has been by her with the next generation ,each child is her belt large .
Hungry that year, she saved my food for when family and children to eat, also to rural scavenging household income ,Hermes Kelly Bags,the family is really is not a small contribution .To the old but still strong, most afraid of trouble to the younger generation .
The old man every day self and the house clean up smooth and clean ,sun daughter-in-law Ye Yan grandma admire .One hundred years later grow new teeth black hair old man at the age of 100, had a complete physical examination ,the doctor said she is very healthy all organs of the body ,especially the heart more as a young man .
Her skin is elastic, not loose ,not a piece of senile plaque . 100 years later,grandma live more and more young ,miraculously long teeth and black hair .She never eats a few pills ,only two returned the heavy cold ,who occasionally a little cold ,do not take medicine sleep good .
The old man likes with pickled cabbage ,surface water and vinegar wash ,a lifetime of skin care products is beautiful flower beauty cream . Grandma this life experienced groundless talk ,no special care ,we eat what she eats what ,family and no longevity gene .
As to why the longevity ,we summed up is peace of mind ,life rule .The old man always keeps a watch ,when to eat ,sleep ,she a poor compliance .She love the lively, what festival is like ,often remind family the any day ,this preparation anything .
The thirty year old birthday lunar January family came to a big party ,every year in the hotel to celebrate her birthday ,she is in love with the hotel to eat delicious, the whole family to make her happy ,she said very happy .
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More than 20 pupils busy selling air two yuan a bo

A small friend display glass bottled air the day before yesterday morning ,a special monopoly in the Shapingba area of the Three Gorges Square, what the auction is neither Star clothing worn ,also not rare antique ,but everywhere ,everyone has things -- air .
Why the air like merchandise out there ?Auction their significance what in ?It is strange that in the busy selling air air can also be sold ?This is the first time I heard .The day before yesterday morning ,Shapingba area of the Three Gorges Square ,a huge beautiful air brand publicity signs ,attracted a lot of public attention ,we have to stop watch .
In front of the booth ,hundreds of fine transparent glass bottle with a cork lined up, opening seal .Looking more closely, which absolutely empty ,nothing .More than twenty students dressed in uniform clothing ,a cute smile at each shopping public giving shout : uncle aunt ,coach,buy a bottle of air ,as long as the money two ,support for environmental protection .
Careful observation ,glass surface are respectively printed with Nanshan air ,air Geleshan ,christian louboutin pas cher,Tieshan Ping air ,Jinyun Mountain , corridor waterside air. .Out of curiosity ,a young lady opens yuan to buy a bottle to bottle ,open the stopper and sniffed and said: well ,it seems really a little incense .
I heard the money to buy the air environmental protection ,many members of the public to support ,Louboutin,have loosen one ,he soon sold hundreds of bottles .A 30-year-oldmiddle-aged man hurried by ,Louboutin Pas Cher,in the donation box to throw 10 yuan,turned away .
Volunteer to give him a bottle of air ,he repeatedly Baishou said : no. . I hope the main city of the sky more blue ,the water is more green .That is the environmental protection public interest action ,Chongqing city environmental art design specialty of Career Academy freshman Song Chenchen bought a bottle of Nanshan air ,and that such activity is a creative .
The air then sell advocate of environmental protection ,Chongqing evening news reporter found the event organizer Fang Jinke corridor waterside ,activities for Mr. Chen, bottle filled with air ,from the city the best place for air quality ,including the Nanshan ,Geleshan ,Tieshan Ping ,Jinyun Mountain and the Golden Corridor waterside .
According to the WHO for fresh air for delineation of the standard ,the negative oxygen ions in the air content reached 1000~15000/cm3 ,one breath can obviously feel ,beneficial to health .
Chen said ,the organizers the selling air to drain method collected from the field ,a total of 3000 bottles,at the same time in Guanyin Bridge and Shapingba two big commercial pedestrian street auction .
Chongqing evening news reporter spot sees ,in addition to the sale of air ,the organizers also invited the public in environmental initiative signed ,proposal includes : reducing unnecessary car travel ,reduce unnecessary use of air conditioning .
Mr Chen said ,the public support for air exchange certificate ,but also in the purchase of Jinke ,corridor waterside villa enjoy preferential .Environmental Protection Association of fundraising for the cause of environmental protection the day before yesterday ,Chongqing Youth Environmental Communication Center Director Zheng Jian confirmed the sale of air activities ,6000 yuan ofpublic welfare funds ,the organizers will be donated to the center for the cause of environmental protection ,including the city greening ,Da Jianqing Youth Environmental Exchange Platform ,training support college students environmental protection organization .
He said ,turning off lights, take public transportation ,seemingly not worth mentioning action ,can form many littles make a mickle. Strength ,change our lives the city environment .Chongqing evening news reporter Yang Xin Yang Fan intern reporter Ma Shuang photography reports the Dragon Boat Festival two village g battle hill the reporter Wang Jie Fuxin ,Jinzhou by two adjacent village custom spread 2000 yearsonce played into battle of morning paper dispatch ( reporter Wang Jie ) to eat dumplings ,Perry sachet ,hanging mugwort .
.. ... These are the Dragon Boat festival .While in Fuxin city and the neighboring city of Jinzhou two village villagers celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival is very special .The Dragon Boat Festival this day ,two village village people of all ages and both sexes uphill with .
The local people of this behavior is called g tube ,commonly known as the battle .The boy calls g battle before the afternoon of June 24th ,the reporter in Luo Xianming old person of 79 years old escorted to Fuxin city county charming town of Wang village .
Fuxin local history of the famous scholar Luo Xianming said :the day of the Dragon Boat Festival ,two villagers g battle is a unique folklore, historical research has been around for over 2000 years .
According to introduction ,the two villages are far less than 3 milesto two city tube ,is a Fuxin County, charming town of Wang Village ,Jinzhou is a city of Fang Town, Sifangtai village .
Two the middle of a small mountain village with .During the Dragon Boat Festival, the two villages in this special way to spend the Dragon Boat festival .Luo Xianming finger a village northwest of a seemingly saddle hill .
Li Hongjiu old person of 72 years old says to the reporter ,he remembered from the generation began to g battles the annual Dragon Boat Festival than have the Spring Festival every family had prepared many lively ,eat and drink ,entertainment from afar g battle .
Witnessed the whole process G .the old man Luo Xianming introduced g battle routine morning by twelve years old boys are March ,snarling and throwing stones, after 10 boysput youth team for the battle ,start formally g .
After 11 ,both automatic stop g ,back to their village to eat for rice .After 2 p.m. ,the stop plowing ,coach bags outlet,linked to hoe ,some commercial door is closed ,Ma ,coach outlet,Baoshan at the edge of the village to the paths have the male and female people, toward a respective front to chung .
Close to two mountain gully ,stream of people are divided into two branches .One is the women and older people down the side and on the top of the mountain, another is for young lads to punch down the side edge ,start against .
Luo Xianming said ,both sides have their own the dart head ,namely the G .General can g in the front, once again for the second echelon ,for the third echelon .The third echelon mostly by older persons and women ,are responsible for the transport of throwing stone .
The crowd with g battle team advance and recede, the gully sides and before and after .The ditch with an eye dripping with a fine water spring ,which control the Koizumi who get drinking water opportunity ,when sweat limbs lying prone ,sucking the people tread muddy water .
4 to 5generalafternoon g battle climax .The Dragon Boat Festival police guard at Village Hill Luo Xianming said ,Mura many villagers are relatives ,to the day of the Dragon Boat Festival ,regardless of nationality ,regardless of distance ,as long as you stand in the line ,is the father on the wrong team will get G .
The hillside is full of flying ,these stones in this day to be thrown back and forth dozens ,even hundreds of times .The stone was a generation after generation thrown around ,is said to have the aura ,over the years has G residues ,not a G .
Be g disability no regrets no hate ,no official newspaper ,do not claim ,not bad ,not revenge .The very next day ,two villages all restored calm of the past ,as if nothing had happened .
Luo Xianming said ,the original g battle just two village to stone Weibing ,mutual to capture the enemy hill ,such as time ,both sides discussed again stood some distance ,started another round of .
In recent years, g battle ,has been far beyond what the local people say play .On 70 time begin the century 80 timewith a stick ,a man with knives, 90powder gun and high-pressure air gun appeared in g battle in the crowd .
Therefore ,about ten years ago this custom was prohibited .Later sporadic has stolen a play ,for nearly one or two years was finally complete containment .At the age of 47, Wang Village Li Junwen said : ,the village on the slopes also parked two police cars don let people up ,managed strictly ,not play .
I 15 years old folks play ,with the busy time ,two band see-saw type after leaving the stone ,the stone just like the rain came, a little attention will be flying stone played head broken and bleeding .
G battle custom spread over 2000 years Luo Xianming introduction ,g battle vulgar and Han Dynasty the official Gan Yanshou holds the post of prefect of Liaodong troops to defend style ,dating back more than 2000 years .
According to the Han records, Yeonsu Gan Toushibaju vast in Fallon ,taste ultra-yue plume booth building ,is moved by lang .Should Shao note said: stone ,stone throwing people also ,pull distance ,i.
e. it is also super jump Pavilion floor .It is said Gan Yanshou with stones to attack weapons, left HISTEP ,left far, hit ,cast stone height can exceed the palace wall of the guard guard towers ,is generally not up to the .
He soon was promoted to county of Liaodong prefecture .The Han Dynasty attached great importance to the garrison of soldiers and the people fighting training ,Yeonsu Gan with his sling expertise a year a batch of training caped and stone ,make become Ma area important means of defence .
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??????,???????! "
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WILLIAM WALLACE:"Fight,and you may die.Run,and you''ll live at least a while.
And dying in your beds many years from now.
Would you be willing to trade?
All the days from this day to that,
for one chance,just one chance,
to come back here and tell our enemies
that they may take our lives,
but they''ll never take our Freedom!
?????:"??,sacs hermes,?????;??,???????,????,??????.??!???????????????????,???????,sac hermes!???????,????,????????????,??,????????????!"
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Boy blowing a balloon nearly 100 roses hands knees

Chart for small courtship scene.Reporter He Xiaogang absorbs the newspaper news (reporter Intern Cheng Rongxing dragon Wen-chi behind) pulling 6 meters long home-made banners reading "I love you", the single leg on roses hands and shouted "I love you".
At noon yesterday, Castle Peak District Worker Village of urban industrial park,Louboutin Pas Cher, a guy in this way forward girlfriend love, hope composite, but disappointed.Yingcheng small practice 2 years ago graduated from Hubei University of Technology in December 24, 2006, and a hotel Kuguan xiaorou (a pseudonym) backdrop.
Later, in the transfer of accounting professional, apply to Castle workers in the village of urban industrial park enterprise accountancy.Xiao Lian said, he started and in a good relationship, but their parents are not satisfied.
Relations between the two sides is more and more bad, last year on Valentine's day.As for breaking up the specific reasons, a small practice to talk, only mentioned his cursing in "some very hurtful words".
During the Spring Festival this year, a small practice that in new about her boyfriend, and determined and back up, "I hope she can give me a chance".But in unwilling to accept his mind,Hermes Kelly Bags, so the little coach decided to use a special way to save a girl's heart.
Yesterday he and four or five friends from Hankou Jia mouth to Worker Village,christian louboutin pas cher, blew nearly 100 balloon launch courtship ritual.Less than 10 minutes, in the company to go to work in it out will be small to interview practice.
After nearly 1 hours of talking, Xiao Lian disappointed, "she was reluctant to composite".In this regard, the citizens Council is a small practice, some feel infatuation is commendable, while others believe that love is the two world affairs, should be "I love you", making such news shouldn't have.
The boy to write love letter newspaper news (reporter Liu Lin) yesterday,Louboutin, Valentine's day, a letter from the 6 year old girl "a" to "dolls" small letter Internet hit,Hermes Handbags, attracted nearly 30000 micro-blog users forwarding and comments.
The person who posted "Diao Long DL" said humorously, see this super adorable love letter, at that time got shocked!Just a few days ago I watched the movie "in those years, we overtake girl", did not think of "those years" has now advanced to the kindergarten, "after 05" houshengkewei.
Micro-blog users "Diao Long DL", the name of a child's friend's son, in such a small child can write love letter, February 12th, he put the "a" to "dolls" small letter posted online.The reporter sees, love letters, "a promise" to invite "doll" in after the birthday, in the bean fruit network learning how to make chocolate,Hermes Bags Outlet, also prepared using saved two days "doll" pocket money to buy a rose.
Love letter in multiple use small stickers and Pinyin, characters are also many, chocolate is written as "little chocolate", "0 money pocket money".Little love letters appear in the network cause tremendous echo,Hermes Outlet, released on February 12th to yesterday afternoon, this micro-blog is forwarded nearly 30000 times, thousands of netizens commented on micro-blog content.
From the comments, the small letters mixed.Many friends said little love letters "too adorable", "it is I have seen the most lovely a love letter".The name "Eric micro-blog paradise" the netizen commented: "ha ha, careful not to laugh, do not generally,Hermes Birkin Bags!"Still the netizen joked: "after 00 seems to be more awesome than 90".
Also the netizen on the small letter expresses to suspect, that 6 years old of children don't write so many words, but do not know how to express my feelings.Due to the small letter referred to in the bean fruit network learning making chocolate, some netizens even claimed that the small letter may be the site of the Valentine's day a hype.
However, little love letters appear to enhance the network in the romantic atmosphere, some netizens also take advantage of Valentine's day with little love letters to complain: "people 6 years old lovers
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